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best graduate degrees

The most valuable best graduate degrees
There are many sources that provide comparison and reviews of the best graduate degrees. Select the best degree through the comprehensive guide below.

Choosing the graduate degrees is absolutely more important than to choosing for bachelor’s degrees.

There are graduate degrees programs in order to focus in academic or professional fields, which are consists of master’s degrees and doctoral degrees. Academic degrees cater for the interests of academic and scientific developments. Professional degrees are intended to allow graduates to work in the professional world.

Master's degree is available for various fields of study and time to complete the Master's degree is about 1-3 years. An example for an academic degree at Master's degree is the MSc (Master of Science). While an example for Master's degree for a professional degree is the MBA (Master of Business Administration).

A higher level than Master’s degree is the Doctorate, which takes over 3-6 years of study. The examples of professional degrees in the Doctoral degrees are the JD (Juris Doctor) and the MD (Doctor of Medicine). And for the highest academic degree is the Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy).

Choose the best graduate degrees from another college which is the different campus with your bachelor’s degree college. Get the different experiences from the different resources to improve your knowledge, points of view, abilities, and skills.

It is important to consider the tuition of the best graduate degrees. There are a lot of financial aids, such as scholarships that may available for you, and it is a good idea to consult with the financial advisor.

Consider the following factors when you want to get the best graduate degrees:
  1. The reasons you expect to get the best graduate degrees.

  2. The best graduate degrees schools or programs that suitable for you.

  3. Your ability to attend the best graduate degrees.

  4. The ranking, the costs, location, the residency requirements, and the livelihood of graduate degrees schools.

Take some time to make an objective assessment of the best graduate degrees programs that provided by a number of graduate schools. Get your best decisions by considering general factors above.

The best graduate degrees based on the fields in professional world are:
  1. Business

  2. Education

  3. Engineering

  4. Fine Arts

  5. Health

  6. Law

  7. Library and Information Studies

  8. Medical

  9. Public Affairs

  10. Science

  11. Social Science and Humanities

The following are the professions that require the best graduate degrees in professional world:
  1. Anthropologists and Archaeologists

  2. Biochemists and Biophysicists

  3. Environmental Scientists and Specialists

  4. Geographers

  5. Industrial-Organizational Psychologists

  6. Medical Scientists (except epidemiologists)

  7. Physical Therapists

  8. Physician Assistants

  9. Prosthodontists

  10. Veterinarians

Here are the best graduate schools which provided the various best graduate degrees programs :
  1. Harvard University

  2. Stanford University

  3. California Institute of Technology

  4. Carnegie Mellon University

  5. Columbia University

  6. Cranbrook Academy of Art

  7. Georgia Institute of Technology

  8. Indiana University

  9. Johns Hopkins University

  10. Maryland Institute College of Art

  11. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  12. New York University

  13. Northwestern University

  14. Princeton University

  15. School of Art Institute of Chicago

  16. Syracuse University

  17. The Rhode Island School of Design

  18. University of California

  19. University of Chicago

  20. University of Georgia

  21. University of Illinois

  22. University of Michigan

  23. University of Minnesota

  24. University of North Carolina

  25. University of Oregon

  26. University of Pennsylvania

  27. University of Washington

  28. University of Wisconsin

  29. Vanderbilt University

  30. Virginia Commonwealth University

  31. Washington University

  32. Yale University

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