Friday, February 19, 2010

best paid graduate jobs

The best paid graduate jobs careers
How to get the best paid graduate jobs with highest salaries after leaving university? Get the best paid graduate jobs sector based on the degrees.

The best paid graduate jobs come for those who have graduate degree and willing to work hard and remain committed. It is still feasible to start from scratch and patience by making your way to the top of your career. You will need to advance skills and self-motivating in order to self-development. If you discover that the company is required on the type of person who are working hard and not far from your target, then there will be a better place for you.

The best paid graduate jobs require the higher education which will also helps a lot. When you are still working hard and confidence, you will enable to progress and start to earn more money. If you have experience in something highly paid, you'll discover that the business opportunities will be more available for you. Do the hard work and commit a lot to stay motivated, and everything should be the significant resources to earn money from the best paid graduate jobs.

You would be surprised to know, that none of many professions are not made on the top list of best paying jobs according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

The following the best paid graduate jobs that most numerous in the list by the government, precisely through the Government of the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, in alphabetical order:
  1. Air Traffic Controller ($100,430)

  2. Airline Pilot ($134,090)

  3. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) ($140,880-$160,440)

  4. College Professor ($134,000)

  5. Computer and Information Systems Manager ($100,110-$118,710)

  6. Dentist ($132,660)

  7. Engineering Manager ($140,210)

  8. Engineers ($75,000-$126,000)

  9. Lawyer ($110,000-$124,750)

  10. Marketing Manager ($100,020)

  11. Psychiatrists and psychologists ($150,000)

  12. Sales Managers ($110,390)

  13. Surgeon ($140,000-$206,770)

Actually, the best paid graduate jobs also have to consider college or university, other than salary determinants. This is highly appreciated by the graduates of prestigious institutions to take advantage of the certificate.

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